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Three of your favourite CAD characters are coming soon to a fridge or other metal surface near you! That's right, Ctrl+Alt+Del presents the official Chef Brian, Scott and Ted magnetic set. This laser-cut set features 150 individually cut magnets you can arrange to feature Chef Brian, Scott, and Ted having their own conversations!

  • This magnet set is huge! It's a breakable sheet that is 7 inches wide by 10 inches tall!
  • Features the following words which you can arrange: who what where when why how the plan to conquer the and koala garage souls of children house of pancakes shark linux tux penguin ted scott chef brian foul banana catalyst chewy concoction rottej j. mckfuckfinger meat armpit the how to too can't should win windows devil microsoft bill gates exodus cucumbers eyebrow corporate extortion vista carrot huge your fuck salad radar coffee bleed toenails peanut butter brick wet nostril electric door privacy a er er ed ed a a s s ! ! ... ... ... 4 4 run ing ing room the secret building machine lamp muffin top clothes napalm why wonder slide power animal get out flying kernel unix you us we won't war friend enemy hate love you summer tree grass play rubber great big smell smoke for gift fat the and stretch blue beef are wrench tool happy pant I I
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