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Two of your favourite CAD characters are coming soon to a fridge or other metal surface near you! That's right, Ctrl+Alt+Del presents the official Zeke and Lilah magnetic set. This laser-cut set features 170 individually cut magnets you can arrange to feature Zeke and Lilah having their own conversations!

  • This magnet set is huge! It's a breakable sheet that is 7 inches wide by 10 inches tall!
  • Features the following words which you can arrange: he she when who what where why how never controller a game zeke lilah ezekial you finish you pink squishy meatbag robot heat skin meat sack the the I a a s s s er er er I of of the world domination own ownage noob nooblet okay online wireless upgrade release delete control negative say overlord human fiery explosive thunder fuck shit xbox live demo soft couch sleep metal power uber you we they him her surprise year yes no way toaster gamecube girl what did you do why is this plant on fire high score fun tournament first place nice frail pretty scrawny scary red tender nut great bad good long mighty ! ! ! ! ... ... ... . . . car bus fly floor stair room controller you're ed servo motor shower boob cry junk damn it all play or die some water fruit desk table run bomb plasma grenade finish the and rocket launcher frag killing spree
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