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Two of your favourite CAD characters are coming soon to a fridge or other metal surface near you! That's right, Ctrl+Alt+Del presents the official Ethan and Lucas magnetic set. This laser-cut set features 169 individually cut magnets you can arrange to feature Ethan and Lucas having their own conversations!

  • This magnet set is huge! It's a breakable sheet that is 7 inches wide by 10 inches tall!
  • Features the following words which you can arrange: he she when who what where why how never controller a game ethan lucas play large weak wrong don't i'll you you s if fucktard halo your into up think ing ing run throw the smell regret but one life to waste on video game ! ! ! a smart not too sleep moment while would hate love raid er world of warcraft level 60 work computer broken fire s shotgun you're were delirious they're super my brain can't online face bongo unfair pass beat fuck relax fight s ed ing wrath ambulance it i finally run sit laugh disc the xbox wii ps3 own wood house doom crazy T.V. heroes and ok still alcohol beer enormous said elaborate shiny behind ha after beneath music over watch like crush because must penguin ugh ? ? ese ... wireless ... ... put ed all dream call jack thompson violent flee jump sony have ok microsoft what fun nintendo monkey need smooth.
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