The SplitReason brand is spreading across the Internet at a phenomenal pace. As the popularity of our company increases there is constant demand for placement in retail and online stores around the globe. SplitReason offers a large line of fresh, innovative, and high quality products catering to a younger demographic of geeks, gamers, technology enthusiasts, and the general population of Internet users.

The Splitreason wholesale program offers unparalleled customer service and high quality products at volume discounts. Whether your looking to do a group buy for your gaming club, or resell the splitreason brand though your online or retail store, Splitreason has a solution to meet your wholesale needs.


  • Volume discounts mean your puchasing dollar goes further.
  • Minimum order quantity of 12 items provides an option for small businesses and retail stores.
  • SplitReason manufacturers all clothing items available, so you deal directly with the source.
  • No markup requirements, you have the freedom to set your own price points.
  • New products availiable every month.


You may purchase any products available on our website. View the entire lineup of Splitreason products at


Download our Current Wholesale Price list


Do you Want to offer the SPLITREASON brand but don't want to deal with the hassle of warehousing or fufillment? Check out the SPLITREASON Affiliate Program or ask us about drop-shipping. You sell the product, and we'll take care of the fullfillment. Our affiliate program pays out top dollar, click here to read more.



Snail mail:

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