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Customer Service
If you have a problem with the website or are concerned about an order you have placed, use our customer service form to get a speedy reply. This form goes directly to a real person, and his name is Nate. If it's broken, Nate will fix it. If you are unhappy, Nate will make you happy. He has that effect on people.

General Inquiries
Send your general questions and inquiries using this form. We'll get back to you with answers to your questions unless they require quantum mechanics or calculus. As awesome as it is, none of us are really good at that stuff.

Business/Corporate Inquiries
So you're some big wig executive huh? Perhaps you're a really important dude with a really cool website? Sure, we can talk. Email us here and we'll get down to the nitty gritty.

Web stores and retailers
Do you have a store and want to retail Split Reason products? Curious about wholesale minimums and pricing? Do you want to resell online and require drop shipping? Click here.

If you still live in in the stone age, we can be contacted using an ancient method referred to as snail mail.

Split Reason Clothing Inc.
220 West 6th Ave.
Vancouver, BC
V5Y 1K8


Brian - Founder, artist, multiplayer junkie and superhero fanatic. Space is awesome, just like Halo. Google+ Profile

Kenny - Technical guru, code ninja, and token Mac User. There's always one.

Nate - Customer service / affiliate manager supreme, MMO addict, and online poker superstar.

Jeff - Business/warehouse operations, racing game guy, D&D dork, and recovering wow-a-holic.

JPS - Japanese packing specialist. Packs and ships your orders, owns pirates, and does it with honor.