We're an online store for geeks and gamers with a strong focus on products that embody a high-tech lifestyle and passion for retro nostalgia. We play lots of video games, watch science fiction, read comic books, roll 20-sided dice, bring bits and bytes to life with thousands of lines of code, and spend most of our time basking in the radiation output from large, flat-screen LCD monitors. We may not have the best social skills or see the light of day very often, but rest assured, when the zombie apocalypse does come -- you want to roll with us.

SPLITREASON.COM resides in Vancouver, BC, CANADA and burst into existence on a cold and frightful Halloween night back in October, 2003. Dual-weilding a 30-day money back guarantee and outstanding customer service, we've shipped thousands of orders to geeks and gamers throughout the deepest reaches of our earthly planet.

Our products are a materialization of concepts and ideas offered by our community and staff. We host an ongoing design contest and brainstorming session to collect thoughts, ideas, and artwork from like-minded individuals to inspire our product line. If you have an idea or design we'd love to hear about it! If your work meets the inner most desires of our community through rigorous voting and constructive feedback, it will magically appear in our store! It's a wonderful thing.

In addition to offering a line of unique products for geeks and gamers, we also offer our services to other companies that share our passions, own noobs on teh interweebs, and cater to the same sub-culture and lifestyle. We understand the challenges related to merchandising online for companies that don't have the time or infrastructure, or feel like getting their hands covered with t-shirt ink. We've signed up to the challenge and like to get colorful, so if you need our help we're just an email away.

Thanks for dropping by our site! We hope you enjoy our products as much as we enjoy making them! We look forward to serving you as space-time expands toward a bright and technologically advanced future.

Good hunting, happy gaming, and remember: Always aim for the head.