Zombie’s Classics, pre-order for only $15

Our good friend over at Winter Artwork hooked us up with a trio of brain feasting zombie designs based on classic video game characters!

We’re starting to put the ink to cotton on these prints and couldn’t wait to get them out for your t-shirt purchasing pleasure. We’ll be printing and shipping these shirts within the next few weeks to make sure you can get your hands on them in time for Halloween. We’re letting them go for $15 each if you place a pre-order!

Get’em cheap while you can, the price will be jumping up to $19.95 once the pre-order period has ended.

Zombie Man!

After the apocalypse, with verbal slurs and a general lack of motor skills, Zombie Man has switched sides and requested that Mr. Wiley provide a new arm prototype, intentionally crafted for brain removal.

Zombie's Dream Land!

Kirby has always sucked, but this evil variation is sucking on a new kind of nutrition, the one that stores your memories. Sweet dreams.

The Legend of Zombie

What does Link enjoy more than an ice cold glass of milk and some delicious cookies? Hearts and brains of course, as he seems to have fallen ill with a zombie infection!

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