Hell yeah, it’s about time!

So… Starcraft II is out, as if you didn’t know already. I’m sure this will have an impact on a few of you considering it’s been highly anticipated for what? Over a decade? Personally, I have a tough time with RTS games. I’m not taking a pro-gaming trip to Korea any time soon, nor can I flex my micro management skills with any degree of confidence. I get steamrolled by the weakest of noobs but that doesn’t mean I don’t have a blast — while my base is being blasted to oblivion! This has to be one of the greatest titles to hit the RTS genre so far, and as much as I suck, I’m glued to it.

All you Terrans out there, salute the Zerg! I’m coming for you, to lose with humility all night until my fingers blister and my eyes start to bleed.  Here’s a few few quick links before I double-click this icon and get Friday night started off proper:

Uber sick Halo Jumps.  -I can’t wait for Halo reach.

Please.. have a seat. On Space Invader.

Have a bloodthirsty good time with SHANK.  in HD

Stealth launches novel sized PC.  -Are you kidding me? way cool!

How memories are made. -LOL

Twitter will now suggest people you may be interested in stalking.  -WTF?

Ugh. Sony screwed up the new firmware patch for the PS3. -Figures.

Some killer screenshots from SW: TOR? -Hells yeah!

Betawatch? -Yeah ok.

I’ll throw in some music too.  -OK

Super Mario fixed the BP spill. -According to Colbert

Mars rover: curiosity rolls for the first time. -And they wore bunny suits. Nice!

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