Pumpkin Carving Contest Wrap-up

The SplitReason team had a blast carving our pumpkins this year.

Brian’s OSDT helmet quickly became a pumpkin pie when the sticky grenade went off.

Our JPS (Japanese packing specialist) having shipped hundreds of Run R2 t-shirts, carved out an exquisite shirt rendition from memory, blindfolded and in less than 12 seconds.  We managed to snap a picture of it before he promptly boxed it up and shipped it out (to where we have no idea… old habits die hard).

Glen Brogan spent a good deal of time convincing his Kang and Kanos pumpkins that they should cease the invasion of his kitchen and go back to Rigel VII where they belong, which of course, they refused.

As for me, it happened that our contest aligned perfectly with the release of Forza 3 (My most anticipated game of the year, clearly evident by my choice of carving).  I tossed back a few pumpkin seeds, finished my pumpkin as quickly as possible, and sat down to begin my domination of M. Rossi (Put um in the wall!).

Having packed and shipped hundreds of Run R2 t-shirts, the JPS carved this one from memory, upside down, blindfolded, in about 12 sec.

We had great response to this contest, evidently we’re not the only ones that love Halloween and pumpkin carving.  I’d like to thank everyone who participated, everyone put a lot of thought and hard work into there entries.  Now onto the winners!

First Place and our Grand Prize goes to Ian Wagner and his Metroid Mother Brain

We were really impressed with the level of detail and originality of Ian’s submission.  Ian crafted the spikes out of squash, supplied a little metroid mascot and even stuffed a shameless SplitReason plug in one of his photo’s.  The mother brain in all it’s horrific glory!  Watch out for the hyper beam Ian, it hurts!  For his entry Ian will receive a game of his choice and $100 bucks in store credit at SplitReason.com.

Second Place goes to Rashaun Collins and his ET pumpkin

Rashaun sent us in three different pumpkin carvings he did, they were all pretty intricate, well carved and original with a good dose of geek factor (you can view his other submissions below) ET was our favorite of the bunch.  Rashaun will be receiving $100 in store credit to spend at SplitReason.com.  Great work Rashaun!

Third Place goes to Ryan Eydt and his Borderlands Pumpkin

Ryan sent us in two entries including this Borderlands themed pumpkin.  I didn’t know that pumpkins grew in the wastelands of Pandora, but apparently so.  You can stop looking for the hidden vault Ryan, we have a much better prize in store for you.  For his pumpkin Ryan will receive $50 in store credit to spend at SplitReason.com.

Everyone who submitted entries received $10 in store credit at SplitReason.com, if you missed my email check your account it’s in there.

Here is a review of all of our contest entries:

Thanks again to everyone who took part, if your pumpkin wasn’t chosen as one of our winners, don’t fret.  We have lots of other chances to win coming soon, including another gamer themed baking contest.  Check the SR blog frequently for updates.

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  1. November 25th, 2009 at 11:54 am

    Collin says:

    Very cool, and a great job everyone. I wish I’d been able to take part this year. Hopefully you’ll do it again next year.

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