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Fanboyizms! Halo: Reach

I play a lot of Halo: Reach, it amuses me to no end. Probably due to the massive population of every type of gamer you can imagine (the good, the bad, the extremely ugly) and a physics engine that makes death a wonderfully hilarious experience. You never kick the bucket the same way twice, which is a good thing when you die as often as I do. I’ve put together a few strips inspired by moments playing Reach online with friends and strangers. Enjoy!

A Pain In The Ass

Armor Lock FTL

There's Something On Ur Face

The next topic is Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition!

Are you addicted to Minecraft?

We are. You might be. The first step is admitting you have a problem. If you’re in denial we’ve listed 10 common symptoms so you can perform a self diagnosis. You’ll know you have a problem if you’ve experienced any of these at least once:

1. Riding this bicycle down a flight of stairs sounds like a good idea.

2. You have enough trunk space for a double chest of cobblestone.

3. You have been shopping the market for a traditional style home but now find yourself drawn to contemporary.

4. You have a healthy appetite for angular foods.

5. You buy Square One vodka, dissapointed it does not come in Golden Apple flavor.

6. You stream every episode of Sponge Bob Square Pants and all three Cube movies from your Boxee.

7. You are the only one you know with a Motorola Flipout.

8. This is the coolest watch you have ever seen.

9. You take your coffee in a square mug with 5 sugar cubes.

10. Your second favorite gaming platform is the Nintendo GameCube.

New DLC, desktop backgrounds

We’ve just released some DLC based on our recent t-shirt designs: desktop backgrounds available on a F2P business model. Now, not only can you wear these t-shirts, you can flaunt their digital counterparts on your computer or phone. Everyone wants to match their desktop to their t-shirt, right? The geek inside you answers yes. Download away!

If you own one of these shirts send us a fan pic matching your t-shirt to your desktop, and we will tell the Internets how awesome you are.

Win Wednesday 7: Win an Asus Eee Pad!

Win Wednesday 7 Begins Today June 15th 2011.

Every Wednesday we’ll be tweeting a geek or gamer related trivia question.  EVERYONE who replies with the correct answer within 24 hrs will be entered into a draw for one free SR shirt and one of two SR sticker packs.  In Addition, EVERYONE with a correct reply will receive an entry into the the grand prize draw to be awarded at the completion of  Season 7.  The Grand Prize for season 7 is an Asus Eee Pad Transformer TF101 32 GB.

Win Wednesday 7 will run 12 weeks with our final trivia question on Wednesday August 31th, 2011.

The Rules:

1) Follow us on Twitter.  Your entry must be submitted as a twitter reply, must contain #splitreason and be posted within 24 hrs of the question in order to receive an entry for  the weekly and grand prize draws.

2) One randomly selected weekly winner will receive an SR shirt of their choice and 2 runners up will receive SR sticker packs every week.  Winners will be announced via Twitter on Thursdays (next day), and contacted by direct message after the weekly draw takes place.

3) You can only win the weekly free shirt prize once per season.  You can obtain 1 grand prize draw entry per week up to a total of 12 entries for the Season 7 grand prize draw.  Take part every week to maximize your chances.

4) The Grand Prize draw will take place at the completion of Season 7 August 31, 2011.

Asus Eeee Pad Transformer TF101 32 GB.

  • NVIDIA Tegra 2 1.0GHz dual-core CPU
  • Android 3.0 Honeycomb O.S
  • 1 GB RAM
  • 10.1″ LED Backlight WXGA (1280×800) Screen.
  • 32 GB on board storage.

5) Keep your eyes peeled for chances at bonus entries,  we may hold bonus rounds at any time on Twitter, Facebook or Tumblr.

The more you play, the more you win. The more you win, the more you, umm… win more!

Follow us on Twitter every Wednesday for your chance to win! Our first question will appear on Twitter today!

7 Geeky Sins








Captain Cake

Captain America

You know you’re a big comic book nerd when your girlfriend surprises you with a cake, and it looks like this. There is no doubt, I’ll be an even bigger comic book nerd by the time this is finished. Nom Nom Nom.

Guide: Gaming Preparedness Plan, keep on fragging in the new world.

It seems like the world around us is quickly falling to bits, a little disheartening… but with some proper planning and preparation there is no reason gamers can’t live a relatively normal life post-apocalypse.  Not much is publicised about gaming in emergency action plans, everyone seems to be concerned about drinking water, shelter, food, iodine pills, etc.   Although these rather general principles can apply, we’ve taken the time to put together a preparedness plan that really sticks it to the horsemen. We’ve broken this guide down into 3 sections that we feel are key in preparing yourself for the imminent apocalypse.

1) Power – This is your bread and butter.  Gaming tends to be rather dependant on electricity. The good news is, there are plenty of ways to generate all the power you need.  We’re not going to start a clean energy debate here.  Odds are your not going to see much of the sun or have much success harnessing wind at 300 mph.  Your best bet?  Good old diesel generator.  Not only are they incredibly efficient but they can run on used cooking oil, more on this in section 2.   The main factor to consider is the placement of your generator, if recent events in Japan and Star Wars Epsidode III have taught us anything, its that high ground is chalked full of advantages.

2) Food Stockpile - Gamers are ahead of the curve.   We’re already use to a diet low in fresh fruits and vegetables, so not much changes.  You’ll want to build a stockpile of the real necessities, things you can’t live without.  In addition to your normal staples here are a few suggestions that can really increase your survivability.

  1. Anything that can go in a deep fryer. It may be a bit of an adjustment cooking these meals yourself, but we don’t anticipate many 24-hour drive thru’s being open for business.  Save the used oil, it can power your generator and keep you gaming.
  2. Beverages. Most “experts” suggest a good supply of bottled water.  We’ve done some research and water is the main ingredient in just about every soda that exists, so there’s no need to be that specific.  Keeping a good supply of energy drinks will come in handy if your shelter is assaulted by mutants, the walking dead, aliens, or a secret level boss you’ve never encountered before. The energy boost may be your last stand.
  3. The Twinkie. It’s probably redundant to say this again, but these delicious little sponge cakes really do last forever.  HoHo’s, DingDongs, SuzieQ’s and Snowball’s all use a similar  manufacturing  process and preservatives, and are adequate replacements. Just remember if you plan to share your shelter not everyone appreciates coconut. It’s kind of weird tasting with an awkward texture.
  4. Canned Bacon. Piggy in a can! Nuff said.
  5. Astronaut Ice Cream. Astronauts eat it, that’s good enough for us.  The foil pouches double-over as a shield to protect your sensitive electronics from all kinds of radiation interference and plasma.

Tip: Should society rebuild and food become commercially available again, under no circumstances should you eat the soylent green.  It’s people… people!

3) Defense – This very important topic that is usually completely overlooked in most Emergency Action Plans.  Lets face it, we’ve seen just about everything.   Aliens, dragons, killer robots, undead, the list goes on.  No one seems to take any of these threats seriously.  Let me assure you, an earthquake plan is good for squat in this situation and real threats need a real contingency as much as any natural disaster. We’re going to break this down into 3 categories in an effort to cover all bases.

a) Base Defense, A man’s home is his castle. –  We advocate a combined bunker/turret defense strategy.  Most defense plans seem to assume a ground assault, we’ve done our research.  While we agree this is an area of strategic value, it can leave you feeling insecure the moment flying mutant alien vampire monkies bring death from above. Zombies could easily evolve to pilot old military aircraft, you just never know.  Hence, we’ll take a two pronged strat.  We recommend the placement of your bunkers and turrets in a defensive web with a 360 degree field of vision.  Cloaking device detection is a must and more proximity lasers equates to more dead things. You don’t need anything sneaking up on you.

No one likes the thought of falling back, but it does happen when you face an early and aggressive rush, so an escape tunnel is the preferred method of salvation. Just make sure its well lit with torches that can be removed to cover your tracks with darkness. (keep an eye out for valuable resources on your way out: coal, iron, diamonds. Natural resources and precious metals are an easy trade for console carts and peripherals in trying times.)

b) Personal Defense, from my cold dead hand. - So they busted though your base defense? Don’t panic, that’s why we carry weapons!   All the normal baddy busters should be included in your arsenal.  Boomsticks, noobtubes, turtle shells, chainsaws, crowbars, and an assortment of frags will take car of most threats but more specific threats require specific counter measures.  A crossbow modified to fire wooden stakes can come in handy in the event of vampires.  Silver bullets can really put the dead into a pack of werewolves.  A few Petri dishes of the common cold really lay the smack down on alien invaders. The real key here is “Be Prepared!”

c) Video Game Defense, it does everything! The point to this whole exercise is to keep us gaming in the event of any number of cataclysmic events. Your number one priority is defending your games and consoles till the end!  We recommend the game locker 3000 from Aperture Science Security.  In addition to near fool proof protection for your games and consoles, the system also provides advance cooling to help prevent the red ring or yellow bar of death.  We doubt your warranty will be honored in a broken society, I couldn’t get my 360 covered last week.

We hope you’ve found this guide enlightening and informative.  At Split Reason we like to supply the gaming community with useful information based on cold hard facts and experience.  If you have something to add or would like to leave a comment please do so below.  We’d love to hear your wisdom in an effort to continue evolving our preparedness strategy. Good luck, and good hunting. So say we all.

Sony Situation Room

Playstation network is currently undergoing maintenance

World domination is never easy. That said, it becomes increasingly more challenging without the global infrastructure needed to host text chat communications. As a result, Sony has assembled a new crack team of Helghast engineers, tacticians, and infiltrators with one mandate: Revive The Playstation Network.

New PSN Security Measures Leaked!

After more than 3 weeks without PSN and endless speculation as to the extent of the breach, some additional details were revealed in a blog post made by Howard Stringer, the Sr. Director of Corporate Communications & Social Media yesterday.  You can view the entire blog post here.  Stringer made it clear that every step possible is being taken to bring those responsible to justice.  In addition, Sony is working around to clock to improve security and resume network service as soon as possible.

It was also announced that PSN users will receive 1 month of PSN+ once the servers are back up.  Existing subscriptions will receive an extension to the subscription as a thank you to the community for their understanding in these trying times.

We’ve obtained through an undisclosed source, leaked photo’s of these new security measures. Sony is not ruling out any tactic that may thwart would-be hackers. Although some of these methods may seem
unorthodox, it looks like they have the right idea.

Courageous Goose Rescue

I was doing the rounds today and came across a lone Goose, lost in the big city, getting a little too close to moving traffic. There will be no goose fatality on my watch.

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