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Predators, spine removal specialists


For this weeks review I’m going to mix it up a little bit. Along with being an avid gamer, I really love movies. I’m going to start this review off with some thoughts on the new Predators flick with bad ass Adrien Brody, and the star studded cast of alien prey.

Most of you will probably agree this franchise has been butchered to death compared to the original film, which should hold a special place in the heart of any true science fiction fanatic. The film starts with a bang or perhaps a little splatter, with bodies falling from the sky unexpectedly. It’s an absolute rush out of the gate with a plenty of clever foreshadowing to establish the premise and plot.

Staying true to the original film, the story centers around a large cast of characters ripe for the hunt, soon to meet an inevitable fate. It’s a little different this time around as all the characters share the same confusing experience that offers little detail about where they actually are, and how they arrived. The blanket is lifted eventually as the story unfolds and the troops find themselves stuck between a rock, a Xenomorph skull, and a pudgy Lawrence Fishburne, who has a brief and quirky performance.

Adrien Brody put on some gristle. While his physique doesn’t shake a stick at the original Predator killer, his character has a certain intelligence and survival instinct that provides a nice contrast from the original film. He is no pianist. Topher Grace delivers the usual performance with sarcasm and cynicism, and does it well. He was a great addition to the cast and helps balance the film with some uncertainty and humor offering a little enigma to what appears to be a an obvious, linear story line on the surface.

I really enjoyed this movie because they dig deeper than the previous films to give you a clearer understanding of the Predator race, lifestyle and culture, including some explanation of the social behavior and competitive nature that exists within the civilization — something I felt was missing from past films. You get to know them a little better, something fans of the old Predator comic book series will appreciate. That’s why we watch these films, we want to see Predators, we want to see them show up in their space ships, kill a lot of things, remove spines and skulls as trophies and brag about it with grunts and masculine gestures. They turned down the Danny Glover dial, and turned up the Predator dial — it was a good move.

I would highly recommend this film to any true Sci-Fi junky or Predator fan. They finally steered this ship on course to put the franchise back on track, notwithstanding your typical sequel preparation before the credits start to roll. If we get another Predator flick by this camp in the near future, I’ll see you there at midnight.

Alright, now, back to video games!  This week saw the release of the next Guild Wars 2 character class, the Ranger.  I wasn’t a huge fan of Guild Wars originally because there were so many other MMO’s out at the time that fit my play style better than Guild Wars did.   Fast forward to the present and now it seems that there isn’t really anything worth playing.  I am eagerly waiting the release of Star Wars: The Old Republic, and I’ve also been teased with these new Guild Wars 2 trailers.   If the game plays out anything like what I’ve seen over the last week or so, this is something I’m definitely going to pick up when it gets released.

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