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Pardon the gloating…

It’s not often that we toot our own horn around here, but I figured it’s Thanksgiving tomorrow and I’m giving thanks to everyone that is seemingly loving our +15 Frost Resistance beanie so much. In fact, it’s hit as high as #3 on the Amazon bestselling caps list:



Happy Turkey days kids!

Cowbell Hero – the game…

Whoever made this must have seen our Cowbell Hero t-shirt.


Blatant Plug Incoming…

Also wanted to mention a couple of other websites we feel are worth checking out: – Get all your favorite video game wallpaper at one site! 684 wallpapers and counting.

MegaNoob – Sucking ass and taking names. And other adventures in Halo 3.

Geeky Distractions…9/10/2007

Today’s Geeky Distractions is brought to you by the letters HD, it really does make a difference!

  • Grand Theft Auto cake for 4 year old.
  • Apple sells 1 million iPhones while…
  • Bioshock sells 1 million copies too
  • HUGE holes. Enough said.
  • The ideal office timetable
  • Solar plane breaks unmanned record
  • Geeky Distractions…9/6/2007

    Another awesome TF2 video:


    Now that you’ve seen that, no time to waste, straight to the goods:

  • Halo 3 thief banned till the year 9999
  • Nokia marketing team pounces on iPhone price drop unhappiness
  • Orange Box for PS3 delayed.
  • A new map of the Internet, this time by the Japanese
  • Steve Jobs says… “so sorry we screwed you, here’s $100
  • Zero Punctuation review of Bioshock. This guy is awesome.
  • Geeky Distractions…9/5/2007

    So Apple dropped some iPod bombs today… you can see the individual craters here, here, here, here, and here.

  • Anatomy of a Fanboy
  • Time magazine receives backlash from article about Halo 3.
  • Microsoft widens game usage rules for Machinima
  • Ummm, they needed to do a study to confirm this?!
  • Anti-socials.
  • Facebook says: Screw privacy! Gimme traffic bitches!
  • Woooooops, we accidentally moves some nuclear weapons!
  • Geeky Distractions…9/4/2007

    So it looks like NBC truly is insane. They split up with iTunes are now getting into bed with Amazon to sell their digital content… at you guessed it.. the same price it sold at iTunes for. And here’s another head scratcher for you. Though admittedly it’s a peculiarity coming from Sony so no-one should be overly surprised, but the question remains; what brilliant combination of people decided that in order to see any Sony video-game screenshot or wallpaper download you have to see this dialog pop up on every single image you want to see. So we’re talking about having to deal with this dialog box potentially dozens of times if you want to see the screenshots from some latest game they are either developing or publishing. No wonder the PS3 is doing so well.

  • Microsoft Zune down to $199. Ouch, I was really hoping for a real competitor to Apple here, looks like that was a dream.
  • Veterans protest America’s Army
  • What your hard-drive looks like when it’s running.
  • In another brilliant move by Sony, they made some “edits” to the Wikipedia entry of Halo 3
  • Make games = make moneys?
  • New X prize is teasing with “largest prize ever”.
  • Geeky Distractions…9/3/2007

    Ahh the Labour (or Labor – the way you crazy Americans spell it) day edition of geeky distractions. Isn’t it ass-backwards that no-one works on Labour day? Shouldn’t this be the day everyone pulls up their socks instead of surfing crackbook or making their way through Bioshock. Ahhh, nevermind, I’m just bitter that my 360 isn’t back yet :(

  • GPS tracking leads to “You’re Fired!”
  • Seagull, meet Dolphin.
  • The oldest photograph of Tokyo
  • A century of helicopters (with photographic evidence of-course)
  • Clearest images of space yet!
  • Timeline of browsers
  • China hacks Pentagon?…zomg we’re all gonna die.
  • Geeky Distractions 8/31/2007

    Geeky Distractions… end of August edition.

    Today’s big news is that NBC is dropping iTunes (no doubt cause of their stake in Hulu… nevermind the retarded name), and Apple in response is calling NBC out on its, to put it mildly, stupidity. Here’s how I envision the negotiations went:

    NBC: We want to renegotiate our contract.
    Apple: Cool, how about that iPhone, pretty snazzy eh?
    NBC: We’re doubling our wholesale prices
    Apple: Are you retarded?
    NBC: $4.99 / episode is the cheapz0rz!
    Apple: Seriously, are you retarded?
    NBC: We quit
    Apple: No wonder you retards are in 4th place.

    Now on to some other news:

  • Rock Band interview with Harmonix
  • 360 degree holographic display
  • Morrowind speed run in 7 and a half minutes
  • I’m not exactly sure what Microsoft is trying to accomplish with this “Art of the Office” site that seems to be promoting Macs?
  • And speaking of Microsoft….. poor 360′s still falling apart, even after being fixed, or newly manufactured
  • Of-course it wouldn’t be a good week without a little Sony bashing… Lair gets… 4.9/10 on IGN. Ouch. So much for that amazing exclusive title.
  • Geeky Distractions 8/30/2007

    Reminder: Just a few days left in our SUMO giant-ass bean-bag contest. Keep on sending in those entries are team of monkey judges await to see your gaming setups. Now for today’s totally distracting news bits:

  • You gotta be kidding me right? The freakin’ iCar?
  • Geeky wedding cakes
  • Japan crushing world in broadband speeds.
  • The world without us, a flowchart of depressing proportions.
  • Funky Metroid artwork
  • Gmail collaborative video
  • Wikirage, what all the cool kids are editing
  • Plane struck by lightning caught on video
  • The console wars explained
  • Jessica Alba apparently hot
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