Hey! STFU t-shirt

Dark Link lacks the tolerance of his more colorful doppelganger. He does not wish to listen. Buy Now.

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What would Trevor do?

Would Trevor Do? t-shirt, new from CTRL+ALT+DEL. Available two colors, silver and sand. Cut here!

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This tee, just evil enough.

Ex-zip-it A: The 3x Evil t-shirt. Reduced in price from one… hundred… billion dollars! Sharks with frickin’ laser beams attached to their frickin’ heads not included.

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Decorated Nerd t-shirt

Formal attire for high ranking generals in the nerd army! Show off your accolades as a decorated nerd.

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Killer shirts for Killer Bits!

Thanks to the good folks at Killer Bits for showcasing a few SR shirts in their latest video. Sounds like they share our sadness over Aliens: Colonial Marines! :(

Legend of Zombie t-shirt
Octorawk t-shirt
Shoot Like a Girl women’s t-shirt

Knowledge is power


Check out the latest t-shirt from Geeksaresexy.com

Latin translation: Knowledge is power. Wear it for science!

The shirt is available for men and women.

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